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Health And Nutrition with Mary Flannery

About Mary Flannery BSc.

Mary is an Advanced Nutrition Practioner.  Her qualifications are from the esteemed CNM College located in Dublin.

Mary specialises in helping you achieve your optimum health for your age, no matter what your age.

She will personally work with you to tailor a specific personalised Nutrition program, for your needs. Whether you want to target a particular health issue that you have been experiencing or are simply looking to be the most healthy you, Mary can help.  

Often we view the painful, unpleasant symptoms of various health issues, as simply something we have to live with.  But this is not true.  All symptoms are caused by something.  Be it digestive, mood or otherwise, there is always a reason to explain why we are feeling like this. 

Quite simply, you do you have to ‘live’ with these symptoms.

It is possible to achieve relief using medicinal products, such as pain killers, but wouldn’t it be better to remove the symptom altogether, instead of just managing it?

With Mary, you can achieve a symptom free life and really begin to live.

This is achieved through a detailed consultation process in which Mary will investigate through discussion with you, how the individual systems (endocrine, urinary, reproductive, etc) in your body are functioning.   

Any fluctuation in the performance of any of the body systems affects our health and produces the painful and unpleasant symptoms we experience.  Through the consultation process, Mary will peel back the layers and identify the root cause of your symptoms.

To support this investigation, Mary will advise any (urine, stool, blood) analysis that must be performed to identify any nutritional deficiencies present in your body and determine why these are present. 

Once the root cause of your symptoms is identified, Mary can devise a tailored dietary plan specific to your needs, designed to not only combat and relieve your symptoms but to remove them from your life.

The purpose of Nutritional Therapy is to restore the systems of the body back to their equilibrium, thereby restoring your body’s natural balance and leading to a symptom free life.

Your tailored dietary plan will balance these systems by using unprocessed, natural foods in a therapeutic manner.  You plan will also identify any lifestyle changes required and any nutritional supplements needed to support your therapy to restore your natural balance.   Mary can even advise you on recipes to make incorporating these foods into your diet as simple, as nutritious and as delicious as possible!

Often only a single consultation is needed to help you, but should a series of consultations be required to fully investigate and determine the root cause of your symptoms, Mary will work with you to achieve this in the most cost effective way.

No one person is the same; so call now for your personalised plan and get vitality back into your life.

Mary can help you with:

  • Weight loss 
  • Hormone balance 
  • Gut health , IBS or frequent stomach and digestive issues 
  • Lack of energy , fatigue and poor sleep pattern 
  • Autoimmune conditions or frequent infections e.g. UTI s that don’t go away 
  • Brain fog , mood swings , cravings and stress 
  • Candida, anxiety , depression , headaches  
  • Menopause 
  • Heart health 
  • Skin issues and achieving radiance to your skin 

For more information on consultations please call the salon on 01 8904133

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